It’s him! It’s him!

by Andie on February 4, 2013

The skeleton found in a car park in Leicester last August has been positively identified as that of England’s lost king, Richard III.

At a press conference held at the University of Leicester today, Richard Buckley, lead archaeologist on the project, announced that the DNA evidence proves “beyond reasonable doubt the individual exhumed at Grey Friars on September 12th is indeed Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England”.


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DNA tests continue on ‘bones of Richard III’

by Andie on December 20, 2012

While the DNA results have yet to officially come back, it appears that the body found under a car park in Leicester actually does belong to Richard III.  At least that’s according to the Telegraph, who reported that the team working at the University of Leicester has some as yet unrevealed information that confirms his identity.   However, the University of Leicester has issued a statement saying that this isn’t true and there is no new information that they haven’t shared with the rest of us.  Despite very strong circumstantial evidence, we will still have to wait for the results, which are expected “early in the new year”, to be absolutely sure.



Tug-of-war over king Richard III’s bones

November 4, 2012

The possible discovery of King Richards remains in Leicester has opened  a possible can of worms.  If DNA evaluation of the skeleton found under a city parking lot proves that this is in fact the last Yorkist king of England, where will his final resting place be?  Will his bones be returned to his stronghold [...]

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Richard III’s Body Discovered…Maybe

September 13, 2012

Could it be? A mere 527 years after the King’s death, archaeologists, in connection with the University of Leicester, believe they may have found Richard III’s final resting place.  Much of what we know about this king comes from information found in Sir Thomas More’s The History of Richard III which paints Richard a physically [...]

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